Allen’s Insurance and Financial’s Marine Insurance team has unmatched experience, including industry experience, and we provide access to carriers worldwide to insure the full range of marine operations, including:

  • Shipyard service and new construction
  • Marine construction
  • Marinas and boat yards (service, storage, mooring, fueling & new construction)
  • Yacht club insurance



Marine General Liability

Marine liability is insurance for liability or property damages to a third party, while engaged in marine related operations. It is an insurance policy to include the general liability hazards of:

  • Premises/completed operations
  • Products liability
  • Work in progress
  • Contractual liability
  • Owners and contractors protective

Ask your Allen Insurance and Financial Marine specialist about excess liability insurance (bumbershoot insurance).

Ship Repairs Legal Liability

SHIP REPAIRERS LEGAL LIABILITY COVERAGE is comparable to garage keepers legal liability insurance for parties having custody of customers’ automobiles. This “wet marine” form protects shipyards, marinas and others who service boats and yachts to the extent of their legal liability for such property in their custody. Specified causes of loss are covered and the premium charged is based on the number of hazards insured against.