With our rapidly aging population, more people than ever need to consider long-term care insurance. 

Allen Insurance and Financial works with our employee benefits clients to offer long-term care insurance to their employees.Offering this benefit can be an important factor in hiring and keeping experienced staff. At Allen Insurance and Financial, we offer a variety of employer-sponsored plans that allow employees, their spouses, parents, in-laws and other family members the chance to buy this insurance at group pricing.

We can also talk with you about long-term care insurance as part of your family’s insurance and financial planning.

“Long-term care” refers to the ongoing services and support needed by people who have chronic health conditions or disabilities. The specialists at Allen Insurance offer the knowledge you need to start planning for it today, so you can enjoy the level of service and support you want in the future.

The odds of needing such care are high:

  • Approximately 40% of people will need long-term care at some point during their lifetime after reaching age 65.
  • Approximately 14% of people age 71 and older have Alzheimer’s disease, a disorder that often leads to the need for nursing home care.
  •  Younger people may need long-term care too, as a result of a disabling accident or illness.

Understandably, many people put off planning for long-term care. But if you begin planning now, you’ll have more options open to you in the future.

The cost of a long-term care insurance policy depends primarily your age, but it also depends on the benefits you choose.

Following are some of the key features your Allen specialist will help you weigh:

  •     Benefit amount
  •     Benefit period
  •     Elimination period
  •     Care facility type
  •     Inflation protection

One more reason to consider this coverage: qualified long-term care insurance premiums can be tax-deductible.