With its deep industry experience, Allen Insurance and Financial’s Employee Benefits team can help you juggle the often competing demands of personnel attraction, employee retention and the P&L, to come up with a benefits package that best suits your company’s needs.

Each Allen team member participates in accredited training and has several well-recognized employee benefit designations. Plus, our state-of-the-art technology brings to your desktop the latest news about regulations, compliance, health and wellness resources, communications tools and labor management guidance.

We’re here to help businesses and their HR professionals to navigate the complex array of choices in the benefits arena: Carrier-based packages, a voluntary benefits package to provide more choices and coverage at no cost to the business and guidance for the choices allowed under the Affordable Care Act.

Todd Anderson of French & Brawn of Camden and Dan Wyman of Allen Insurance and Financial.

Todd Anderson of French & Brawn of Camden and Dan Wyman of Allen Insurance and Financial.


Dental Insurance

Dentists can tell a lot about a person’s health by examining their teeth, gums and tongue.

BUSINESSES: Our clients offering group dental stand out from their competitors in the local business community. For a relatively low cost, they gain an effective tool to attract and retain employees.

People will make a positive connection between their oral health and maintaining their overall good health. Employees with dental benefits tend to have a brighter view of their employee benefit plans.

  • Individuals with dental coverage are more likely to schedule preventive procedures on a regular basis.
  • Tooth and gum disease are likely indicators of serious medical issues like oral cancer, diabetes, coronary artery disease and stroke.
  • An employer providing a dental benefit to its employees has a strong, differentiating employee benefit.

Dental insurance ranks the as the second most asked-for benefit by employees after health coverage. For those employers who cannot afford to absorb the cost of fully funding employer paid dental programs, voluntary dental benefits have become a great solution.

With Voluntary Dental benefits, employers may choose from an array of deductibles, benefit percentages, maximum benefit options and coverages, from preventive and basic services only to comprehensive options covering major care and orthodontic services.

Allen Insurance and Financial’s voluntary department helps our clients through each step of their benefit; with the many different companies we have attached the forms and contact information, needed to help our clients through this claims and service process.

Vision Care Insurance

The need for vision care has grown stronger than ever. Today, more than 63 percent of American adults use some form of vision correction like glasses or contacts.

BUSINESSES: Vision care insurance can be part of the health insurance benefits you offer to your employees.

We work with VSP Vision Care.
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Related Benefits

Group Personal Insurance

As one of the leading agents for personal insurance in Midcoast Maine, Allen Insurance and Financial offers a selection of auto insurance, homeowners insurance and other personal insurances that meet a variety of needs, with a wide range of deductibles, coverages and premiums — all from an independent agent whose top concern is your peace of mind.

We make it as easy as possible to offer this voluntary benefit to businesses and their employees, at no cost to the business.

Program participants benefit by getting a 5 to 10% discount on personal insurance policies, with no finance or installment fees, no risk of cancellation for non-payment, and continued eligibility for leaves of absence up to eight (8) weeks. Some participants can save hundreds of dollars, depending on the circumstances.

By offering this benefit to employees, a business can have the satisfaction of offering a free benefit to employees at no cost. And coverage is completely portable.

Now available for non-employer groups, too!

Scott Carlson can answer all your questions and get your program started.