In today’s litigious environment, no business is immune to lawsuits by an individual or another business, ranging from false advertising, libel or slander; to damage to property in your care; to a simple slip-and-fall. Such a suit, regardless of its merits, can suddenly cripple your financial position. But you can protect your company with general liability insurance from Allen Insurance and Financial. It protects your business against any of the following types of claim:

• Bodily Injury
• Property Damage
• Personal Injury (including slander or libel)
• Advertising Injury

Covering the Cost of Defending Claims

In addition, commercial general liability policies also cover the cost to defend or settle claims—even if the claims are fraudulent.

Many coverages can be added to the general liability policy or purchased separately like medical payments coverage, employee benefit liability, host liquor coverage, liquor liability coverage, non-owned auto, hired car and international liability coverage.

Our experienced Commercial Liability team will review all your potential exposures, no matter how complex, and put together a plan to protect your assets against a real or fraudulent suit.

Liquor Liability

Liquor Law Liability Insurance protects a business from the threat of lawsuits arising from the sale, distribution or serving of liquor to an “intoxicated” person later involved in an accident. Businesses that sell, distribute or serve liquor at social, business or fund-raising functions may need this insurance, whether or not they do business in states having liquor liability statutes.

Employee Benefit & Fiduciary Liability

It may seem ironic, but the generous offering of employee benefits can occasionally be repaid with a lawsuit—unless you’re covered by the right type and level of liability insurance.

The experts at Allen Insurance can help protect you from any problems with the management or administration of employee benefit plans. We’ll start by clarifying the functions of the two types of insurance:

Employee Benefit Liability Insurance covers only administrative errors and omissions, such as handling records, enrolling and terminating employees, and interpreting benefits.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance adds to the above coverage of personal liability for a breach of fiduciary duty.

Even if you are blameless, defending against claims can be expensive. That’s why we recommend that all companies with benefit plans acquire coverage. Ask your Allen Insurance representative about our many policies available from the nation’s top carriers.


Accident Coverage

An accident at your business can be devastating to the victim. But it can also devastate your business if you don’t have accident insurance to cover any loss—death, dismemberment, loss of sight, loss of income, or medical expenses incurred because of accidental injury.

Your Allen Insurance professional can give you sound advice on choosing the right accident coverage—especially if your business or organization has a large number of physically active participants, such as YMCAs and other fitness centers, camps, schools, churches, day care facilities, golf clubs and more.