Especially in Maine, cars and trucks are vital to many businesses—and a potential source of significant loss. The specialists at Allen can make sure yours are covered adequately with the right business auto insurance policy.

At Allen Insurance, we start by asking you pertinent questions about your business vehicle ownership and use. Do you:

  • Personally own the vehicle and lease it back to the business?
  • Move other people’s property in your vehicles?
  • Deliver product to your clients?
  • Carry people for a fee?

We then create a specific plan for your company, offering the appropriate selection of coverages.
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Business Auto Coverages

AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY INSURANCE insures against loss through legal liability for bodily injury or property damage, caused by accident, and arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of motor vehicles. Medical payments coverage is an optional inclusion

AUTO MEDICAL PAYMENTS reimburses passengers and operators of vehicles for their medical and funeral expenses arising out of accidents occurring while traveling in an insured vehicle or while entering or exiting from it.

COLLISION COVERAGE protects the owner against loss from collision or upset of the motor vehicles used in the business.

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE protects the owner’s business autos and other motor vehicles against loss by fire, theft or other physical damage hazards, including glass breakage.

EMPLOYERS NONOWNERSHIP AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY protects the employer to the extent of liability imposed by law and within policy limits against claims for accidents due to employees and other agents operating their own automobiles in the employer’s interest.

HIRED CARS rented or hired by the business for the operator can be insured to cover the liability exposure for their operation.

GARAGE COVERAGE: If the insured maintains a garage for the convenience of customers and others, it should carry automobile garage liability insurance protecting it against liability for bodily injury and property damage to others by reason of accident on the premises and garage keepers insurance to cover automobiles in the custody of the insured. These two specialized automobile coverage’s should also be used if the insured operates a parking lot, rather than a garage. The same exposures are present, though they may not be so apparent.