Conversation, analysis and advice to support your goals. With the aid of financial forecasting software, our clients can take control of their financial lives and achieve clarity around short, intermediate and long-term goals. This includes a personal insurance review and estate planning. We are happy to work with you and your attorney and tax advisors to ensure your plan is exactly what you want and need.

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Effective and uncomplicated. Our diversified client portfolios incorporate low-cost mutual, index and exchange-traded funds in conjunction with select alternatives with a focus on long-term results. Our approach can also include individual stock and/or bond portfolios when warranted. We tailor your portfolio to align with your risk tolerance and financial objectives.


Navigating the many retirement savings options available to you. We will help you learn how these options differ and advise on the best fit for your situation as a business owner or an employee.


Exploring meaningful legacies which reflect the intersection of your life’s passions and your planning. We tailor gifting strategies to charities which reflect your values and are consistent with your financial and estate planning goals.


The experience and knowledge to provide investment management, fiduciary support, endowment building, planned giving and gift design solutions. Combined with true partnership to support your organization’s needs through unparalleled service.

We believe in straightforward and transparent endowment management to maximize donor and organization dollars in support of their mission and provide consistency for staff, board and committee members. Click to learn more.


Sole proprietor or employing more than 100 employees, we have a retirement plan solution that fits your budget and benefits the employees and the owners. We offer personalized financial planning in Maine which includes plan design consulting, investment services, employee education, plan management and fiduciary services. Click to learn more.

Retirement Plan Solutions for Businesses

Our advisors have more than 50 years of combined experience working with businesses large and small to install and manage retirement plan solutions to suit their needs. We pride ourselves on our transparency through the evaluation process, our thoroughness of our annual and ongoing plan oversight, and our unmatched level of service to business owners, management, and the employees.

As independent advisors, we are able to partner with any retirement plan provider to ensure the best solution for your business. We advise on 401(k) and 403(b) plans as co-fiduciaries. SIMPLE IRA plans are a great solution for businesses that want to provide a valuable benefit to their employees with less administration and reporting but with fewer opportunities for customization. We welcome the opportunity to discuss which type of retirement plan best fits your business.


Do you know what your plan currently offers to participants and what it could be offering? Plan design plays an important role in plan participation for owners and employees, and dictates what features and controls are in place for the plan. We utilize our knowledge and partner with established third-party administrators to educate you on your existing plan and make recommendations for ways to improve or change the plan, or we help design the plan from the ground up.


We partner with you to select an appropriate menu of investment options for your plan. We review the funds’ performance annually against a peer universe and other metrics as part of our fiduciary review process. We help you understand what participants are paying and how investment expenses are being charged and where they are paid.


Whether participating in the retirement plan or not, we are available to speak with all employees to educate them about your plan and be a financial education resource for other planning question that they may have. We pride ourselves on conducting effective enrollment meetings and on offering ongoing education onsite or via webinars.


As an extension of your human resources professional or management team, we support efforts to oversee the plan and each of plan’s service providers. We conduct fee benchmarking for individual vendor’s costs and the plan’s total cost to the business and participants. We have a proven track record with startup plan implementation and conversions of existing plans to new platforms.

As a co-fiduciary to the plan, we serve alongside plan sponsors to share in the responsibility of offering a plan the benefits the employees at a reasonable cost and adheres to the plan provisions.

Partnering With Non-Profit Organizations

The experience and knowledge to provide investment management, fiduciary support, endowment building, planned giving and gift design solutions.

Combined with true partnership to support your organization’s needs through unparalleled service.


Our investment philosophy is rooted in the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, reducing portfolio risk through asset class diversification. We construct and manage a low-cost portfolio by:

    • Determining the appropriate asset allocation and target ranges based on spending policy, risk tolerance and time horizon.
    • Investment Policy Statement (IPS) review, revision or creation with investment committee.
    • Utilizing index funds and ETFs with very low investment expenses.
    • Ongoing portfolio monitoring coupled with quarterly rebalancing to targets.
    • Processing securities gifts for a small transaction fee and no commission.
    • Meeting at least annually with the Board of Directors and/or Investment Committee.

Organizations have the opportunity to increase their capacity to engage donors in the process of gift planning to support their critical missions for the long term, building the organization’s financial sustainability.

We work with staff and board members engaged in endowment building efforts through planned giving education and training, and work with individual donors and families. Our expertise includes:

    • Developing policies and procedures for solicitation and acceptance of gifts.
    • Stewardship and cultivation of donors including the design of legacy societies and gifting strategies.
    • Facilitating the creation of sound investment management and spending policies to demonstrate to prospects and donors appropriate asset stewardship.

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