What Will 2018 Charitable Giving Look Like?

November 1, 2018

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA In June 2018, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, in an article by Megan O’Neil, predicted a $16.3 billion drop in charitable giving due to the tax laws enacted in late 2017. That prediction was echoed throughout the news media, sending chills down the spines of executive and development directors in the … Read More

Record-Breaking U.S. Charitable Giving in 2017 Tops $400 Billion

June 14, 2018

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist According to Giving USA 2018, for the first time in history annual US charitable giving exceeded $400 billion, with $410.02 billion in charitable gifts in 2017. The report is available at www.givingusa.org. Their report, published annually by Giving USA Foundation, The Giving Institute and the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, … Read More

Making Lemonade? Charitable Giving Strategies in 2018 and Beyond

March 20, 2018

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA The Tax Relief and Jobs Creation Act that was signed into law at the close of 2017 is touted as the most extensive tax reform legislation since the 1986 Tax Act, which I came to know early in my professional career as a lawyer and philanthropic advisor. In the 1986 … Read More

2017 Tax Reform and charitable giving: “Doom and Gloom” or perhaps just “Meh?”

December 28, 2017

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA There has been an income tax charitable deduction in the US since 1917. For 100 years, those who itemize deductions have been able to take a deduction for gifts to charities, with some limitations based mostly on a taxpayer’s adjusted gross income. We have all been reading about the change … Read More