As Financial Advisors, We are Not Afraid to Use the F-Word: “Fiduciary”

April 11, 2019

Several years ago there was a lot in the news about a fiduciary rule that was going to change how advisors worked; the imposition of a fiduciary standard of behavior meant that advisors would have to make decisions and recommendations for their clients in their clients’ best interests, and not their own. Otherwise, advisors could … Read More

Doing Well by Doing Good? The Increasing Practice of Socially Responsible Investing

February 26, 2019

There are many ways to be well.  Most people consider wellness to include physical health and well-being. Some would also consider emotional, financial and spiritual wellness as worthy of their attention, and devote time and resources to addressing issues to promote those types of wellness. For many investors, this approach aligns with their desire to … Read More

Planned Giving Topic of Workshop for Local Non-Profits

February 15, 2019

Allen Financial of Camden advisors and wealth managers Abraham Dugal and Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA, were the featured speakers for United Midcoast Charities at Allen’s offices in Camden in early February. They spoke about issues surrounding how to grow endowments through planned giving, when donors seek to provide long-term support through gifts that can be … Read More

Making the Case for a Three- to Six-Month Reserve Fund

February 4, 2019

The news has been full of stories about the fallout from the federal government furlough while congress and the administration iron out a budget for 2019.  Federal employees missing two paychecks as of this writing have reported that are not able to take a planned vacation, close on a house purchase or car, pay rent … Read More

Your New Year’s Resolution? Max Out 2019 IRA and Other Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

December 14, 2018

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA The elimination of most pension plans, also known as “defined benefit” plans over the past 40 years has meant most working people must exercise some discipline to save for their own retirement and/or participate in plans like the 401(k), often an employer-sponsored plan, also known as defined contribution plans. According … Read More

The Double Whammy: Rising Interest Rates, and Less Robust Stock Market Performance

November 19, 2018

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA Over the past weeks, my colleagues and I have been having many conversations with our clients who are investors. Yes, the stock market performance has been recently negative – 2018 could be flat compared to 2017, which was a post-recession ‘banner year’. Many are wondering whether they will lose more … Read More

What Will 2018 Charitable Giving Look Like?

November 1, 2018

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA In June 2018, the Chronicle of Philanthropy, in an article by Megan O’Neil, predicted a $16.3 billion drop in charitable giving due to the tax laws enacted in late 2017. That prediction was echoed throughout the news media, sending chills down the spines of executive and development directors in the … Read More

Sharing Knowledge with Members of the Maine Planned Giving Council

October 23, 2018

Allen Insurance and Financial hosted a lunch & learn for the Maine Planned Giving Council on Tuesday, Oct. 23. The topic was “Exploring Key Elementary of Successful Planned Giving Programs,” and the presenters were Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA, of Allen Financial and David Warren of Maine Coast Heritage Trust.

Sarah Ruef-Lindquist Addresses Maine Planned Giving Council

September 25, 2018

Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA, a financial planner at Allen Insurance and Financial in Camden, recently spoke on Women and Philanthropy at Maine Planned Giving Council’s conference held in South Portland attended by approximately 150 professionals involved in the gift planning industry. Attendees included development professionals and executives from non-profit organizations, and professionals who advise donors … Read More

When it Comes to Philanthropy, Women Give More

August 4, 2018

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA Our last installment in June about Giving USA 2017 was a positive reflection on the continued and growing generosity of American philanthropy as reflected in the report of giving shown in 2017 federal tax return data. Is there any difference between American males and females in their giving? Several studies … Read More