ATV Info – Is there an age limit for operating an ATV in Maine?

January 14, 2019

Whenever you own and operate a motor vehicle, regardless if it is for recreation or normal transportation, it is critical to follow all of Maine’s legal requirements, both for insurance coverage and for who rides (and operates) the vehicle. With regards to ATVs, there are unique requirements specific to Maine, so if you’ve moved from … Read More

What to do in Case of an Auto Accident

January 11, 2019

You’re involved in an auto accident. It’s a stressful time but it’s important to remain focused and attentive or find someone who can do that for you. It is imperative to attend to the injured first, move out of the right of way if possible, call 911 and wait for help. As your insurance agency, … Read More

Year-End Financial Planning Checklist

January 4, 2019

As 2018 draws to a close, it’s time to begin organizing your finances for the new year. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of key planning topics to consider. Savings and investments Revisit your retirement contributions. Review how much you’re contributing to your workplace retirement account. If you’re not taking full … Read More

Is Snowmobile Insurance Required in Maine?

January 3, 2019

Like a car, you must register your snowmobile if you own it in Maine. When it comes to insurance, however, the law is much more flexible. In fact, there are no real Maine snowmobile insurance requirements or licensing requirements – only laws determining who can ride, as well as how and where they can ride. … Read More

Your New Year’s Resolution? Max Out 2019 IRA and Other Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

December 14, 2018

By Sarah Ruef-Lindquist, JD, CTFA The elimination of most pension plans, also known as “defined benefit” plans over the past 40 years has meant most working people must exercise some discipline to save for their own retirement and/or participate in plans like the 401(k), often an employer-sponsored plan, also known as defined contribution plans. According … Read More

Some Best Practices for Health Insurance Enrollment

December 12, 2018

Health insurance is a valuable benefit offered by businesses to their employees. You’re glad it’s there, but let’s be realistic – when it comes to the paperwork involved, we know many people would rather be doing something else. Here are some best practices to streamline your business’s health insurance enrollment. 1. Plan ahead by creating … Read More

Tis the Season for Holiday Parties – Is Your Insurance Program Ready?

December 12, 2018

Tis the season for holiday parties. It’s also a time to check in with your insurance agent about liquor liability. There are two kinds of liquor liability insurance – liquor law liability and host liquor liability. If your business sells, distributes or serves liquor, chances are you’re familiar with the terminology and you know that … Read More

Leaving Home for the Holidays?

December 10, 2018

Are you traveling for the holidays? Here are 15 top tips to keep your home safe while you are away: 1. Make sure alarm systems and motion sensors are in place and working properly. Connect these to your phone to monitor activity at all times of day. 2. Use automatic lights to scare potential robbers … Read More

Winter Safety Tips

December 4, 2018

We hope you don’t mind that we add our voice to those offering seasonal safety tips. Too often we see a headline about an incident which could have been avoided. Thanks for reading! Generators The Red Cross and others concerned with home safety tell us that the primary hazards to avoid when using a generator … Read More

Starting a Business in Maine? Allen Insurance and Financial has You Covered!

December 3, 2018

If you’ve been thinking about starting a small business, you’ve probably wondered where to get business insurance in Maine. Not only do you want to make sure that you’ve got the right level of insurance protection in place for your new business endeavor, you need to feel confident in your insurance agent as well. Like … Read More