When you choose Allen Insurance and Financial, you get an experienced partner to share the risks of doing business. All our professionals have an ownership stake in the agency, so they have an insider’s understanding of what’s essential to protect, and the importance of relating costs to benefits.

Business insurance with one thing in mind: Your business success

Our business insurance team will work with you through the complete process to create innovative solutions that meet your goals at a price you can afford, from analyzing your risks to selecting the right coverage. We work with only financially stable companies as rated by A.M. Best, a national rating organization.

As a local firm, we have first-hand knowledge of many of our clients’ business insurance needs. We’re not interested in cookie-cutter business insurance solutions, we’re interested in what works for you and your business. As an independent insurance agency, we work with many national insurance carriers to provide coverage for accounts throughout the U.S.

From left: Marli Thibodeau, Brio Promotions;  Joanne Billington, business insurance specialist, Allen Insurance and Financial and Jeff Thibodeau, Brio Promotions.

From left: Marli Thibodeau, Brio Promotions; Joanne Billington, business insurance specialist, Allen Insurance and Financial and Jeff Thibodeau, Brio Promotions.

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Commercial Package

Let us help find the right insurance for your business.

A commercial package insurance policy can include almost any type of coverage you may need, from equipment breakdown to inland marine to crime coverage. Ask your Allen Insurance and Financial representative how to tailor a commercial package policy to your specific needs.

We can also provide policies to cover commercial property and to address concerns such as bodily injury, property damage, product liability and liability protection should an injury result from an accident or mishap involving products or services your company offers.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance is required of all Maine employers to cover your employees for any work-related injury or illness. Your workers compensation policy will cover a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • All medical care for the work-related injury or disease, including physical therapy and prosthetic devices
  • Indemnification for lost wages
  • Physical and vocational rehabilitation to help an injured worker return to work
  • Death benefits, including a flat amount for funeral expenses, burial and partial replacement of lost wages
  • Employers liability, in the event that the employer is sued for damages arising from the work-related injury or disease

The Allen Insurance team of workers compensation insurance specialists can provide expert service for claims, experience modification, loss control and risk management for your workplace.

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Saving money on your workers’ compensation premium requires planning and consistency. Allen Insurance and Financial and your insurance carrier can help. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Create an active safety group and written program
  • Create a return to work program
  • Offer employees light duty work who are hurt on the job
  • Do pre-employment physicals on all new hires
  • Establish an employee health insurance plan
  • Incorporate a written drug and alcohol policy into your employee manual
  • Management must be committed emotionally and financially to a safety program
  • Some types of businesses need to create a drug and alcohol testing program
  • Comply with all OSHA requirements
  • Buy a medical or indemnity deductible

Call your Allen Insurance and Financial Business Insurance specialist for more information.

Saving money on your workers’ compensation premium requires planning and consistency. Allen Insurance and Financial and your insurance carrier can help.






Bad things can happen to the best of people. That’s why bonding is so important to the security of your business.

The specialists at Allen Insurance can help you navigate the many ways to insure your different bonding needs—against crime, claims for non-performance and more:

Crime Bonds insure you against employee theft.

Fidelity Bonds The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires that any fiduciary obtain a fidelity bond to protect the plans from dishonesty and fraud.

Surety Bonds are often required under construction contracts. Sub-types include: bid bonds, completion bonds, construction contract bonds, supply contract bonds, subcontract bonds or labor and material payment bonds.

Other bonds may be advisable for your specific business. Ask your Allen Insurance representative for a bonding check-up, and rest assured you’re fully covered.


Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability insurance coverage can protect you against any financial loss you create for a third party due to your negligent acts, errors, or omissions while acting in your professional capacity. It can also called “malpractice” coverage for doctors and lawyers; insurance, real estate or travel agents; consultants; accountants; printers; veterinarians; stock brokers or teachers.

Our expert team can review your professional liability needs, and guide you through the maze of widely varying products available.

International Coverage

International Insurance covers companies that conduct business outside the U.S. for coverages such as premises and product liability; automobile liability; workers’ compensation and employers’ liability; property (including transit); kidnap and ransom; confiscation and civil war; crime; business interruption; difference in limits and conditions; and endemic disease.


Special Programs

Whether your needs are ordinary or extraordinary, Allen Insurance and Financial can create an insurance plan for a business, group or association or non-profit.


Energy Insurance

Energy is a highly specialized field. Our specialists in Energy Insurance have access to the primary providers of energy insurance worldwide and can design custom programs for your needs, including the following industry segments:

  • Renewable energy projects (wind, tidal, solar, biofuels)
  • Traditional energy companies (natural gas, propane, oil)
  • Energy and transmission
  • Composite manufacturing
  • Supply chain companies

Off-shore wind projects require an expertise found at few insurance agencies. You can be certain our extensive marine expertise will be brought to bear when a project reaches the water’s edge and as it moves through the phases of construction, installation and ongoing maintenance. We will ask the kind of detailed questions only an expert would know to ask.

We will also address all of the various federal statutes that apply, including (but not limited to) Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (Jones Act), Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, U.S. Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act, etc.